Why Privacy Matters

The ability to maintain privacy from governments, corporations, and our peers is fundamental to a free, democratic, and equitable society.

WhyPrivacyMatters.org aims to collect easily understandable reasons why privacy matters in simple language. Learn more about why this site was created.

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The Backstory of WhyPrivacyMatters.org

We’re tired of long essays explaining why privacy is important. People don’t read essays. If we want understanding privacy to be accessible, we need to have a series of easily-understandable bullet points that explain why privacy matters in clear, accessible language.

This list is published here (whyprivacymatters.org). It has been translated into many languages, reprinted in pamphlets, and perhaps will even be made into t-shirts.

These bullet-point reasons are supposed to be self-explanatory, concise, logical, and accessible. By making them quickly available in a website, we hope that convincing others that privacy matters will be a little bit simpler.